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Meet the family behind the business! Scott and I and my three kids.

Howdy There!

     My name is Amy Frizzell. Scott and I started this venture of raising Goldendoodles for many reasons. We are a blended family of 5 adult children.

     I have two sons, Zak and Tyler, who are 27 years old and a daughter, Tanna, who is 22. Scott has one son, Tyler, who is 29 years old and a daughter, Emma, that is 20. Tanna was diagnosed as a type one diabetic on Valentine’s Day when she was 8 years old, and Tyler was diagnosed as hypoglycemic at 17. Therefore, in my house we had many different battles with blood sugars. 

     As time went on and my children grew, they learned to deal with their battles on their own. Both did an amazing job, until one day my daughter was unable to feel when her blood sugar went low. She would sleep through them and would not wake up in the mornings. As a mother this scared me. There were many nights that I would get up and to check and make sure that everyone was sleeping soundly and not having any issues with their blood sugars. My kids never knew the number of times that they were checked on each night.  

     My son has always been able to manage his blood sugars. His issues exist, but they are not as severe. He is usually able feel his body telling him to take care of his blood sugars.  

     As my daughter grew up and moved off to college, the true fear of her not noticing her low blood sugars and sleeping through them became even more real. My biggest fear was my daughter being in her dorm room alone and not waking up. I was afraid all her friends would assume that she was at class when she could have been in a diabetic coma because her blood sugar had dropped so low. The thought of this still brings tears to my eyes. 

     As a mother, I do anything to help my daughter to fight this awful battle. She wears an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor, what more could I do?  I questioned myself daily what could I do to keep my kids safe? I did the research and spoke with others and learned about service dogs. Scott and I spoke with my daughter several times at great lengths about the possibilities of a service dog.  We had to make sure this was something that she was prepared for as well as ourselves. This would be life changing in many ways. It had its pros and cons, especially for a college girl. We thought about this process and the steps it would take to have a service dog. Finally, we agreed it would be a wise choice.  

     After months of research we found a company that we felt comfortable with and would work to train a dog to our lifestyle. As we visited with the company we chose, they recommended a Goldendoodle. 9 months later, Phoebe came to our house and we’ve been loving her for 4 years now. 

     This long, detailed story is told to tell you why we love our Goldendoodles. Their loving and easy-going temperament, their loyalty to their master, the intelligence they possess, and that fluffy, non-shedding coat. We are so thankful for our first Goodledoodle, Phoebe, that we chose to help others with either raising a service dog or helping others find the Goldendoodle of their dreams.

     We consider these dogs as an extension of our family. Those who choose a Pecan Valley ‘doodle are also family!

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